Cocktail Ice – Clearly Not Ordinary Ice

Rock On Ice has launched their newest product, Cocktail Ice, and clearly it’s the hottest thing to hit the Columbus restaurant/bar scene!








Sure, you can buy those molds online and make your own. But, it’s time consuming and takes a specific process to craft clear ice. We have honed our Cocktail Ice where we can mass produce crystal clear ice, with no impurities. Our ice has a slower melt so there is less liquor dilution.





















Our Cocktail Ice can be branded or customized. Perfect for a corporate party. Impress clients with your logo branded on a ice cube or sphere.


Looking for a fun wedding idea? Serve your guests’ a cocktail with customized ice. Use initials or symbols and surprise them with this special touch!

Our spheres, cubes, and sticks come in different sizes and are sold by the case.

If you are serving crafted cocktails at your establishment,
then your customers will expect high quality, crystal clear ice.

Think memorable – think ice!


Visit our cocktail ice page for more information.

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