Greg Butauski National Champion

Rock On Ice was established in 1993 in Columbus, Ohio. Greg Butauski, owner and sculptor, strives to wow his customers in every way imaginable. From customer service to dependable and affordable ice sculptures, we promise to be there for you.

Throughout the years Greg Butauski has acquired an outstanding name for himself in the ice sculpting industry. From the first time Greg picked up a chainsaw in college (1991), he knew that ice would be his lifelong passion. After years of hard work and dedication, Greg has become one of only 5 Certified Master Carvers (by NICA) in the country. He was the captain of team USA at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and competed and won the World Ice Art Championships in 2005 as Team Ohio. And, most recently, he was awarded the title of 2014 National Champion.

Greg has also served on the NICA board of directors and served as a President of the association. He was also awarded the honor of 2009 NICA Tour Champion and won the Presidents’ award.

Greg and his crew ventured out and created a new company, Art the Experience, that will forever change the art world! It’s the newest form of interactive art entertainment that includes wood carving, sand sculpting, sidewalk chalk drawing, painting, vegetable carving, and much more.

Although Greg and his team have accomplished many great things within their careers they still have high expectations for the future.

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