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Chalk Drawings for 2018 Women’s Final Four

Nationwide Realty Investors contracted Rock On Ice to create chalk drawings of the 2018 Women’s Final Four logos. These logo were 4ft x 6ft and were located outside various bars in the Arena District. It was truly a family affair, as our children were out of school that day, so we brought them along to help!


Louisville Cardinals logo.


Our girls watching daddy work.


Notre Dame logo.


Mississippi State logo.


It was really cold that day, so mommy worked while the girls bundled up in their chairs.


UCONN logo. This was our favorite…it really pops!

This was a fun job! Contact us is you are looking to add something unique to your special event. Check out more of our work.




Food Art at SeaWorld Texas By The Food Artist Group

The Food Artist Group visited SeaWorld, in San Antonio Texas, for two weeks of fruit and vegetable carving demonstrations.

The Food Artist Group was created by Food Network Star, James Parker, and includes some of the most talented artists from many different countries. Among those, Greg Butauski of Rock On Ice,
and Dean Murray.

The fruit carvings Greg and Dean created was a part of the new Food and Wine Festival.  Many countries were represented and this fruit display was based on the wildlife of Argentina and Brazil.  From fish, to land animals, and all the way up top to the birds.  There are owls, parrots, tree frogs, iguanas, piranha and more!

Check out more food art from Rock On Ice.

Pumpkin Carving Installation with Over 80 Pumpkins

Rock On Ice was contracted to carve pumpkins and create a large scale pumpkin display for a zoo’s fall weekend festival. This was some serious pumpkin carving!

We started with over 80 pumpkins and had 2 days to carve.

Pumpkin Carving Demonstration for Zoo

Here we are with the team:
Titus Arensberg, Dean Murray, and Greg Butauski.

Our three carvers pulled a tag team match on the two larger pumpkins. They weighed around 500 lbs each. Each carver would work on the piece for an hour or two then break off to work on the smaller pumpkins to put around the entire display. This was truly a collaborative effort between 3 master pumpkin artists.


Here are some detail images of the Haunted House and Skeleton.

And here is the final product. In all we ended up carving 2,400 lbs.  (just over a ton) of pumpkins for this Halloween themed display!








Rock On Ice carves pumpkins for all kinds of events. We carve small and large pumpkins for doorsteps, buffet tables, centerpieces, Fall weddings, special events, Trick or Treat events, and Fall festivals. We carve large scale pumpkin displays, which have been featured at Zoo’s and area Fall festivals. We also organize large scale pumpkin carving events and competitions.

Check out more of our pumpkin carving and festival entertainment.

Pumpkin Carving: Demonstrations and Displays For Your Fall Festival or Event

If you are attending one of the many Fall festivals or special events this year, you will enjoy drinking apple cider, getting lost in the
never-ending corn maze, and picking your favorite pumpkin from the vine-laced pumpkin patch! All these fun activities are what you will find at your typical festival or event. But, if you are a small business owner or event planner you are probably looking to add a new activity—something unique, to draw more people to your event.
A pumpkin carving demonstration can be one of the more unique attractions that customers will never forget!

Rock On Ice specializes in customized pumpkin carving demonstrations and also pre-carved pumpkin displays.
Our demonstrations and displays are the perfect addition to
your fall festival or event, and are great for both kids and adults.

The large display pumpkin demonstrations are the highlight for kids both young and old. They can watch our carvers transform ordinary pumpkins into all kinds of unique faces and get their photo taken with the completed display—to remember forever!

Pumpkin Display

We can carve any size pumpkin, from 30 pounds up to 300 pounds! Our skilled carvers can wow the crowd in just a couple hours, to over a couple days. We can accommodate any size budget to make the event fun and entertaining. If you have an event that runs throughout the month, have us carve on multiple weekends—this can draw more people to your event, when it is advertised in advance.


Besides fall festivals, we can carve pumpkins for corporate events, private parties, or a single pumpkin for your front door display. We provide many different options such as on-site demos and pre-carved pumpkins—perfect for your buffet display or a table centerpiece.

Pumpkin Door Step Display

For a corporate event, we can add your company logo.


Are you organizing a trick–or–treat event? Have us come out and carve large scale pumpkin displays. Everyone will be entertained watching us carve our spooky and silly faces!


Contact us for more information on our pumpkin carving demonstrations.

Check out more pumpkin carvings on our website!

The Food Artist Group Goes To Busch Gardens, Virginia

The Food Artist Group was created and organized  by James Parker of  Veggy Art Studios.  James is a Food Network Champion,  judge and food artist with incredible talent that has a vision for the modern food artist.

James has helped Greg Butauski of Rock On Ice in the past by judging at some of his Food Art Competitions in Akron Ohio and also at The Carve, in Holland Michigan.  Since then they have stayed in contact and have been waiting for the opportunity to work together again.

Then it happened.  James Parker, thinking outside the box, creates a new demonstration format using some of the most talented food artists from all across the country  working in multiple mediums.  They include: chocolate artists, fruit and vegetable carvers, cake artists, bread artists, ice carvers, sugar artists, and cheese artists.

Over dinner and a couple of drinks James and Greg discussed how to make a more interactive ice sculpting show for Busch Gardens in Virginia.  The concept was laid out and then James made it happen.  He said he could fit us into the Food and Wine Festival.  This event was coming into its second year and Greg Butauski and Dean Murray were new to the group and wanted to leave a good impression.

Greg and Dean were very grateful for the opportunity to work with this very elite group of artists!  They were contracted to work on an ice sculpting show and also provide fruit and vegetable carvings for entertainment, right up their alley!

In all, it was a great experience for everyone and James did a great job managing six weeks of entertainment for the Food and Wine Festival keeping the concepts fresh and the art flowing from one week to the next.

To book the Food Artist Group contact us and we can put you in contact with our fearless leader, James Parker.   Otherwise you can check out our Facebook page for the Food Artist Group

Sand Sculpting Demonstrations for your summer event

Summer is fast approaching and now is the time to start planning entertainment for your corporate event or festival.

Besides specializing in ice sculpting, Rock On Ice can bring a fun, interactive element to your event— sand sculpting!

Having a sand sculpting demonstration is a great way to draw many visitors to your event and to keep them coming back . Visitors will love to see the progression of the sculpture, starting out as just boxes of packed sand, to a completed, amazing sand sculpture!

Sand sculpting is a great attraction for both adults and kids. We can even set up a kid’s area where they can practice their own sand sculptures.  Or, have us create a photo opportunity for the family, as in this sculpture below.

Safari Sand Sculpture Demonstration
Demonstrations can last from a couple hours to extending over a couple days—we can work with your schedule and budget.

Rock On Ice has worked with the Ohio State Fair, and the Dublin Irish Festival, among others.

Below is the sculpture we completed for the Ohio State Fair. They produced a game in 2013, and we were given the challenge of recreating that game as a sand sculpture, with all the game pieces!

Ohio State Fair Sand Sculpture Demonstration

“We have hired Greg Butauski at the Ohio State Fair since 2012. His sand sculptures, varying in size from 20 to 40 tons have been a wonderful attraction and photo opportunity for our patrons.”
– Brett Chance,
The Ohio State Fair

Here is a beautiful sand sculpture of a castle for the Dublin Irish Festival.

Sand Sculpture of Castle

Check out our sand sculpture gallery below for more pics. And, don’t forget to add a fun, interactive demonstration to your event—one that will make a lasting impression on visitors!

If you are interested in a  sand sculpture demonstration, please contact Greg Butauski.