Cocktail Ice – Clearly Not Ordinary Ice

Rock On Ice has launched their newest product, Cocktail Ice, and clearly it’s the hottest thing to hit the Columbus restaurant/bar scene!








Sure, you can buy those molds online and make your own. But, it’s time consuming and takes a specific process to craft clear ice. We have honed our Cocktail Ice where we can mass produce crystal clear ice, with no impurities. Our ice has a slower melt so there is less liquor dilution.





















Our Cocktail Ice can be branded or customized. Perfect for a corporate party. Impress clients with your logo branded on a ice cube or sphere.


Looking for a fun wedding idea? Serve your guests’ a cocktail with customized ice. Use initials or symbols and surprise them with this special touch!

Our spheres, cubes, and sticks come in different sizes and are sold by the case.

If you are serving crafted cocktails at your establishment,
then your customers will expect high quality, crystal clear ice.

Think memorable – think ice!


Visit our cocktail ice page for more information.


Chalk Drawings for 2018 Women’s Final Four

Nationwide Realty Investors contracted Rock On Ice to create chalk drawings of the 2018 Women’s Final Four logos. These logo were 4ft x 6ft and were located outside various bars in the Arena District. It was truly a family affair, as our children were out of school that day, so we brought them along to help!


Louisville Cardinals logo.


Our girls watching daddy work.


Notre Dame logo.


Mississippi State logo.


It was really cold that day, so mommy worked while the girls bundled up in their chairs.


UCONN logo. This was our favorite…it really pops!

This was a fun job! Contact us is you are looking to add something unique to your special event. Check out more of our work.




Ice Sculpture Displays to Enhance Your Easter Brunch

Now is the time when country clubs will be hosting their Easter brunches. Ice can be used to chill your food or to simply take your displays from boring to wow! We have collected some of our most popular displays which include color, 3D, and even fruit.


“Happy Easter” in an oval shape surrounded by various seafood ice containers. All set in front of a spectacular city backdrop!


Here’s a fun display—featuring a color egg surrounded by numerous jars of candy.



Our beautiful Easter basket can be filled with shrimp.


For a larger display, we have an 8ft. seafood display, and for the centerpiece – a 3D bunny holding a colored egg.



Don’t forget the food art. Our bunny and basket creates the perfect compliment to a fruit and veggie brunch display.

Rock On Ice can create a unique sculpture for any event. Visit our holiday page for more sculpture ideas.

Ice Sculpting Class for Columbus Academy

Rock On Ice visited high school students at Columbus Academy to show them some fantastic Ice Sculpting skills. We entertained three classes with open discussions, speed carving, and hands-on interactive sculptures.

The classes consisted of high school aged students that lasted 45 minutes. Each class had 20 students. We began with an open discussion in which the students had the opportunity to ask our master sculptor, Greg Butauski, anything they wanted to know about the cool world of being an ice sculptor.

We then moved on to our speed carving demonstrations which ran for about 20 minutes each. Here are the sculptures made from each class. Greg carved a swordfish, a shark, a bass, and a snowman for the speed carving.

To finish up the class we let the students collaborate and build their own ice creations by freezing on pre-made ice shapes. The interactive portion of this activity lasted about 10 minutes each.

Pictured here are students with their completed ice sculptures. Great work!


Rock On Ice can provide various types of demonstrations for schools and libraries. We have carved ice, pumpkins, fruit, and even soap! Check out our demonstrations on our website for more information.

Gnomes in Ice

Rock On Ice was commissioned again for 2018 to create a magical ice experience in Frankenmuth, Michigan – this year was no exception! If you love gnomes, then check out this enormous 105 block ice display for Zehnder’s annual Snowfest.

The total ice sculpture scene was 30 feet long and 12 feet tall.

There were 6 carvers that helped create the village where visitors look for gnomes carved in all the different ice sculptures. The display took over over two weeks to complete. (As the saying goes, gnome wasn’t built in a day.)


This sign greets you to the Bavarian village where you are asked to find the gnomes.


The gnome village.


The spectacular clock tower…wow!
(Greg Butauski is not a gnome.)


Gnome is where the heart is.


Ice fountain…cute.


Ice news desk with color logo…another gnome!


The Bavarian village complete with lights. (If you are curious, there were 23 gnomes to find.)

Many thanks to the ice carvers who made this amazing display happen: Titus Arensberg, Jeff Petercsak, Michael Stoddart, Matthew Stoddart, Jason Bartlett, and Greg Butauski. (Concept by Dean Murray.)

Rock On Ice Rockin’ the Fall Festival

It’s that time, our favorite time of year…Fall! Our team of master pumpkin carvers will create some of the most amazing pumpkins and displays you will ever see! There is no limit to the imagination of our artists.

During September and October we will will be busy carving pumpkins at zoos, Halloween events, schools, libraries, community festivals, and more.

Check out our love for pumpkins…


We will travel. This display was carved for a zoo in Wisconsin. And, yes, the giraffe is all pumpkin – one 400 pound pumpkin! We call this a Masterpiece display.


Our standard pumpkin demonstration consists of 6 or 8 carved pumpkins. The fun part about these displays is that while our artists are carving we will talk to patrons and answer questions, so it is a great way for inquiring minds to learn more about pumpkin carving. Engaging with the audience is what it’s all about!


Lighted displays are always a big hit. This owl themed display was a crowd favorite at an event in Michigan.


Some of our carvers take a fun approach to their displays. These pumpkins had a little too much to drink at Hops!


And last, but not least, the 3D carved pumpkin. This viking was carved out of a 1,033 pound pumpkin…we call them “big boys.”


In addition to displays, we also teach classes. This was for a local library. It’s a great way for amateur carvers to pick up some tips to take their pumpkin carving to the next level.

Happy pumpkin carving!

Check out more pumpkin carving.


School Demonstrations

Rock On Ice can provide schools with fun, educational, interactive activities. We visited General Rosecrans Elementary on two separate occasions for interactive demonstrations: soap carving a turkey, and building an ice castle wall.

For “Pioneer Days” we used about 80 bar soaps to create this turkey carved from soap. Master carver, Greg Butauski, pre-carved the head and body. Bars of soap were carved into feathers by the students, and then were secured in place with toothpicks.
The students were very excited to get to participate in this fun, hands-on activity!

Soap carving preparation






Greg sculpted the body of the turkey from a 5lb. block of soap.

Soap Carving School Demonstration Teaching the Class How to Carve






Students in groups of 8 were taught how to sculpt
feathers from a bar of soap.

Soap Carving Demonstration Adding Feathers






As they completed the feathers, Greg added them
to the turkey with toothpicks.

Soap Carving Adding Feathers with Toothpicks






Each child was able to see where their feather
was placed on the turkey. This was a great activity
in which the whole 2nd  grade class contributed.

Turkey Soap Carving Completed






The completed turkey. The feedback from students
was overwhelming – they commented that this was
their favorite of all the activities that day!


For a different event at the school, we came in
to build an ice castle wall. Ice blocks were pre-carved
and brought in for the students.









Students stack the ice blocks to build up the wall.







The ice blocks are held together by fusion. The wall
grows taller as each student gets to place their block.
How cool! 











Greg adds some finishing touches to the wall.
This is a great interactive activity for a small
space such as an individual classroom.

Welcome to the blog for Rock On Ice! Here you will find articles about one of the most unique and artistic professions—Ice Sculpting!!

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